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Or Notes of a Yogini Mother Appeared in: Before my first child was born I practiced yoga for almost five years. I did it diligently and sequentially, devotedly twisting […]

or Kus Tba, the Turtle Lake As in many other nations, the Georgians live well in their own national contradictions. It shows, for example, in their attitude to the physical […]

Country of Love This story deals with my initial experience in Georgia. At that time, we were living in another house, and I felt rather fresh and eager for new […]

  When I moved to Georgia and began working here, it puzzled me greatly how Georgians manage to complete certain tasks and even conduct successful business, if they set up […]

Story which has been written by me in the very beginning of my Georgian life As I am new to Georgia, I need some basic advice: where to go for […]

Artist Guram Khetsuriani draws from his family’s historic home in iconic Svaneti to create masterpieces of line and color. His talent has taken him from the mountains to art galleries […]

Levan Ramishvili, an award-winning Georgian poet and linguist, believes the powerful imagery in Shota Rustaveli’s 12th-century masterpiece, The Knight in the Panther’s Skin, warrants deeper study and more international scholarship. […]

Today I tried to escape the Sun. So I walked to the forest near my house, where I am often renewed with energy, with freshness to my body and mind. […]